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The Still and Small.


What is a little thing that you find very powerful or moving?


Something like the light from a candle, or the sound of the breeze, or the sunrise, or an awesome burrito.


What are the little things in life you appreciate?


Mark Yaconelli writes in “Growing Souls” that “in the New Testament, Jesus identifies his followers not as those who hold orthodox beliefs or embody moral purity.  Jesus says his followers are those who have “ears to hear” (Mark 4:23) - those who walk with their heads tilted, straining to hear the voice of the “good shepherd” (John 10:14).  Jesus claims that those who know how to listen will one day hear the voice of the Beloved and will overcome death (John 5:25).”


Have you ever stopped listening or noticing little things?


Maybe you’ve come back to realizing how simple and amazing things are incredible blessings and guides from the creator.


What’s something you have always loved, something simple, that you might have not payed much attention to recently?


Think of the things of your past and present that represent little bits of enjoyment to you.  What gives you pause in the midst of your busyness?


Take a minute or two to pray in silence.  Think on how you can see and hear the movement of the Holy Spirit through creation.


Now go and find that small thing, that simple piece of life inspires you and stirs your heart.