The Happy Story


It all started when...

A few of us fell in love with the idea of an inflatable t-rex.  That's when we met Happy.  Happy is a lovable t-rex who has an old soul and a deep yearning for having fun and connecting with others.  This can be seen through her charismatic personality as she plays dodgeball with students or when she goes the extra mile to get to know others outside of the Youth Ministry.

Since we've met Happy...we've gotten to know her and the band she travels with...yes...she has three more t-rex friends.  They like to frequent the high energy functions of the Youth Ministry or just wander the church during low-key nights and see what everyone is up to.

Happy, like we mentioned earlier, is an old soul.  Her favorite scripture story comes from the book of Job when God mentions the Behemoth in Job 40.  This is where we find Happy's namesake.  Happy derives from of Job's three daughters.  We believe the name Keren, close in spelling to Karen (name of our awesome choir director), is why Happy seems to have a special draw to our choir.  She can sometimes be spotted near the choir room after rehearsals visiting with members and complementing their singing.

If you happen to meet Happy and her band of t-rex buddies give them a short-armed high five.  But watch out!  They sometimes think you are starting a spontaneous game of dogeball...and they love dodgeball.